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Covid sucks.

It has changed our community and our society. It has damaged us all one way or another. We mourn for those who have lost loved ones and wish that they were here and whole. But like all things, it to comes to an end. Covid may not be over, but the government mandates are.

On Saturday the 12th of March, the State of Oregon decided our community transmission levels of the covid-19 virus along with the vaccinated (and already exposed) population here have warranted the ending for all special covid requirements in restaurants. We do not require masks, vaccine passports or social distancing in the restaurant for either our guests or our staff.

If you would prefer to continue to wear your mask, we encourage you to do so.

We understand that this change may make some of our customers uncomfortable, so we will continue to have a covered and heated patio for the foreseeable future as a way to provide a space with more airflow and a less crowded area.

We are also attempting to provide takeout service, however with the volume of business we have (thank you all so much!!) we may not be able to at all times.

We want to thank everyone for supporting us, rolling with the (sometimes weekly) changes to the government mandates, being as understanding and compassionate to us at rye and to each other in the community as we have been and striding through “these troubling and difficult times” with as much grace as we could.

We are moving towards an industry standard in regards to tipping. Read about it here.