I don’t share blame. I don’t share credit. And I don’t share desserts.

-Beverly Sills

We believe that most food has a corresponding drink & that if you find the correct combinations, synergy happens. After long, painstaking hours, tasting desserts & drinks, we have a few ideas….

Please feel free to ask questions


by Chocolatier Davey Wendt

maple pecan buttercup 3.50
maple-pecan-peanut butter in dark milk chocolate with black Hawaiian sea salt

pairs with Bulleit rye 1oz 4.00, 2oz 7.00

Haystack 3.50
toasted coconut and alder smoked sea salt in organic dairy free semi-sweet chocolate

pairs with Highland Park 12 yr Orkney Scotch 1oz 8.00,  2oz 14.00

Triple Salt Peanut Cluster 3.50
salted peanuts and alder-smoked salt in organic dairy free semi-sweet chocolate topped with Himalayan salt

pairs with Bernhiem Straight Wheat Whiskey 1oz 4, 2oz 8.00

Butter Toffee 3.50
rich butter toffee in organic 70% dark chocolate topped with alder smoked sea salt

pairs with George Dickel 8 year Tennessee Whiskey 1oz 5.00, 2oz 9.00

Caramel 3.50
made with Maker’s Mark infused vanilla in organic 70% dark chocolate topped with Alaea sea salt

pairs with Maker’s Mark wheated bourbon 1oz 4.00,  2oz 7.00

Peanut Butter Cup 3.50
chipotle spiced peanut butter in organic milk chocolate topped with chipotle salt

pairs with Red Breast 12 year Irish Whiskey 1oz 9.00,  2oz 16.00

Orange Cream 3.50
sour orange-milk chocolate ganache in organic 70% dark chocolate topped with orange peel and Alaea sea salt

pairs with Byrrh 1.5oz 4.00,  7.00

Candy Bar du Jour 3.50
a rotating selection of classic candy bar combinations and other indulgences of Davey’s whims, ask your server what is featured today


not candies

Chocolate Pot de Crème 8 
with dried cherries
pairs with house made coffee liqueur 1oz 4.00, 2oz 7.00

Crème Caramel 8 
with bourbon caramel sauce
pairs with amaro Nonino “Quintessentia” 1oz 6.50, 2oz 12.00

liquid desserts

Exquisite 11
Zaya 12 year aged rum, Remy Martin VSOP

B-52 11
Five Farms Irish cream, Vivacity coffee liqueur, Gran Marnier

Tennessee Dessert Cocktail 8

Jack Daniel’s, sugar, peach bitters

Grasshopper 8
crème de menthe, crème de cacao, cream

Brandy Alexander 8
brandy, crème de cacao, cream

Golden Cadillac 9
Galliano, Crème de Cacao, cream

porto, sherry & more
Kopke Ruby Porto  (Portugal)8.00
Burmeister Tawny 10 year Porto (Portugal) 8.00
Dalva White Porto (Portugal) 8.00
Lustau Dry Amontillado Sherry
los Arcos (Spain)6.00
Lustau Rare Cream Sherry Solera Superior (Spain)8.50
Lustau Pedro Ximenez Sherry San Emilio (Spain)8.50
Selbach Oster, Riesling Auslese (Mosel) ’188.00
Maria Pages Garnatxa d’Emporda (Catalunya) 8.00
Chateau d’Orignac Pineau des Charentes (France)7.50

anise & liqueurs
Lucid Absinthe14.00
Pernod Absinthe 15.00
Romana Sambuca 7.00
Becherovka 7.00
Benedictine 9.00
Byrrh Grand Quinquina 7.00
Chartreuse Green or Yellow 14.00
Clear Creek Blackberry Liqueur 10.00
Drambuie 10.00
Galliano L’Autentico 9.00
Vivacity Turkish Coffee Liqueur 9.00

Averna Amaro Siciliano 10.00
Campari 9.00
Cantina Furlani Amaro9.00
Fernet-Branca 10.00
Fernet dei Fratelli Loreto 10.00
Luxardo Amaro Abano 7.00
Nonino Amaro 14.00